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About Culinaire

Culinaire Foods have manufactured a broad range of frozen foods for over 23 years. Using your recipe or ours, Culinaire Foods strive’s to meet your requirements of value and quality. We are responsive, flexible and above all, we understand both yours and our side of what we do.

Culinaire Leadership

Ron Marshall, CEO

Ron Marshall is the Principal of Wildridge Capital Management which he founded in 2006. Ron, through Wildridge, acquired Culinaire in 2007. He has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Claire’s Stores Inc. from 2016 until 2019, and  previously  served as the Chief Executive Officer of three Fortune 500 Companies; The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company Inc.,  Borders Group Inc., and the Nash Finch Company. He has also served on a series of Boards of Directors for both publicly traded and private equity owned companies. Ron graduated with honors from Wright State University and is a Certified Public Accountant.

Leo Reiff, President

Leo started his career by graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Hospitality Management with Honors from Johannesburg University in 1986. He worked in the upper echelons of hotel brands and at the highest point oversaw 200 staff members in Food and Beverage at Sun International Hotels and Casinos. He then owned a popular steakhouse for a three-year period before traveling to acquire industry-based knowledge in Europe and in the United States. During the first three years in the US, Leo served as General Manager and Executive Chef for Beverly Hills Caterers and then in the same capacity for a food manufacturing company called Royal Palate Foods in Los Angeles. He is former Certified Executive Chef from the Culinaire Institute of America and continues to insist that continued education keeps your vision on track and helps to push boundaries.

Jose Chavez, Executive Chef

Jose joined Culinaire in 2011 and from the outset displayed immense talent and hunger to learn. In fact to this day, Jose absorbs information and pushes himself to always improve. That same year he was promoted to Executive Chef when the former chef retired. President Leo Reiff said, “there was no need for us to look any further than Jose. While we knew Jose did not have the skills yet, he certainly had the character we were looking for.” Many years later we are still immensely grateful to have him on board.

Our Mission

Our mission is to remain dedicated to building a unique portfolio of food products with uncompromising focus on selection, market trends, food safety, quality, innovation and value.

Food Safety

Culinaire Foods is SQF level 111 Certified. The U.S.D.A. regulates all meat and poultry production, while the FDA regulates production of seafood and other non-meat items on a daily basis in our facility. Our facility is fully HACCP and FSMA compliant and is also inspected annually by independent food safety audit companies. We have comprehensive systems in place to ensure wholesome food and quality.

Food Quality

Starting with quality ingredients, tested recipes and years of food manufacturing experience, we succeed at delivering a range of food categories such as appetizers, hand held snacks, entrees, side dishes and complete meals. We cook to perfection then blast freeze our food to seal in the freshness and quality. We’re culinarians with the knowledge and the experience to deliver above and beyond in quality, consistency and satisfaction.

We Know Custom Food Manufacturing and Co-Packing

Culinaire Food have been in this business for more than 23 years. That’s more than two decades developing and refining frozen foods for our own brands, as well as partnering with emerging food companies to help them bring their best products to market. 

We apply our experience to your frozen food needs for supermarket delis, convenience stores, airlines, food catalogs and more. If you have an idea for a product your customers will love or receive special requests from your patrons, we’ll work with you to develop the recipe, packaging and delivery. We have a deep history of manufacturing custom appetizers, entrees, side dishes, and complete meals for every day and holidays. Beyond custom food manufacturing, Culinaire Foods is a contract packager partnering with companies across the country to achieve a variety of co-packing needs. We’ll help you maintain your brand integrity with quality products that deliver a flavor experience your customers will crave. Ask about our private label option!

Serving the Frozen and Custom Food Manufacturing of

These are just a few of the brands that we have and continue to work with.



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