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How to Select the Right Frozen Food Manufacturer

Are you looking to get some new food items for behind the glass at your supermarket deli? Maybe a new grab and go snack for your convenience store chain? Possibly you’re a food purchaser looking for a tasty new appetizer for your online food catalog? If you’re a food purchaser in the market for a new frozen food manufacturer then there are some key characteristics you should`insist on to make the most of the relationship for your business and your customers.

Food Manufacturing Experience

Experience might be the most obvious attribute for a frozen food production partner. Has this company had clients such as you in the past? Do they have a broad menu or custom food production capabilities? With experience comes knowledge and knowledge of what clients want; whether it is supermarket looking for a new appetizer or entree for their deli or an airline seeking a custom manufactured snack for their first-class passengers you want a food manufacturer that can deliver.

Food manufacturing experience also improves the quality and flavor of the food. Yes, experience helps with all kinds situations that can arise in food preparation, but experience also brings tried and tested recipes, preparation, and packaging methods to ensure clients receive the best food they possibly can.

With experience also comes consistency. A large database of tested recipes from apps and hors d’oeuvres to side dishes and entrees that serve your needs whether you’re a supermarket chain looking for an entree or a convenience store in need of hot and hold favorites.

Food Manufacturing Quality & Safety

Food quality is an essential component for any manufacturer choice. Is the prospective food production partner SQF Level III certified? With the possibility of contamination, poor preparation and production methods, or any myriad ways food can pose a health issue to your customers the quality, background, and safety designations of your food producer must be a top priority. At Culinaire, we are proud of our SQF Level III Certification as it holds us to higher standards and gives food purchasers peace-of-mind.

Agility from a Frozen Food Manufacturer

Agility, or the ability to pivot focus for a customer is an important asset for a food production company. Being too locked into a rigid menu or production method can’t meet the ever changing needs of supermarkets, delis, convenience stores, and airlines. Maybe you need a simple ingredient update to a recipe or a completely new custom food product – can your food manufacturing company keep up? Can they tackle a demand for handmade or hand-finished food? Can this company also meet the swifter pace of mechanized food production needs? A food manufacturing partner’s agility can turn out to be a very important attribute at some point in the engagement.

Your Frozen Food Manufacturer Should be a True Partner

More than a new frozen food manufacturer, you should be searching for a true business partner. This is a group that understands your business and goals, your customers, and the types of food that will make your business successful and your clientele coming back for more. A business partner for a food purchaser is a manufacturer that delivers fast turnaround while maintaining an attention to detail – maybe seeing things that you don’t. Having a food manufacturing partner that will listen to you and be open to input and suggestions. A true partner will deliver quality food with consistency because that keeps the customers coming back. Delivering perfect food samples, but having quality vary on subsequent orders is a common trap food purchasers can be caught in.

A true food manufacturing partner for a food purchaser will answer emails outside of work hours. This company will have a real person you can speak with just about any time and if they’re not available will return messages or emails promptly. In the case of Culinaire Foods, you will speak to a real food production professional and not some customer call center where your call will be bounced down the line and lost.

Custom Food Production and Co-Packing

Can your frozen food production company option also help with custom food manufacturing or co-packaging needs? A food partner with experience, agility, quality, and the ability to be a true partner can also meet more specific demands for food production like custom food items – helping you create a recipe or preparing and packaging your food idea – or white-labeling/co-packaging food to save you time and hassle by manufacturing and packaging the food to look as if it is your brand.

To summarize, qualities you want in a new frozen food manufacturing company include:

At Culinaire Foods our frozen food manufacturing experience across supermarket and deli, convenience stores, airlines, and food catalogs as well as our custom food and food co-packaging capabilities gives us a unique vantage of the industry. Our experience brings food safety and quality in the form of an SQF Level III certification, a gigantic recipe database of tested customer food favorites, the ability to be agile and responsive for our clients, and be a trusted partner for them.

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