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Your customers are unique, and our goal is to help you create, manufacture and package your food needs to consistently deliver quality gourmet foods. We adhere to the highest of standards in custom food manufacturing and gourmet co-packing solutions. Culinaire Foods helps you grow new and existing opportunities by bringing your culinary visions to life through our frozen food co-packing options. We specialize in everything from frozen appetizers, hors-d’oeuvres, handheld snacks to entrees, side dishes, complete meals, and meal kits, year-round and targeted toward the holidays. If you have an idea or recipe we can and will produce it.

For 21 years we’ve been perfecting our custom food manufacturing process by building a team of experienced and innovative chefs and production professionals that understand your business and are committed to building a lasting partnership.

How Do Custom Food Manufacturing & Co-packing Services Work?

Have you maxed-out your current space and need help fulfilling your volume? If you don’t own a facility and require a partner to manufacture and pack food for you, Culinaire is your answer!

We can help you perfect your recipe or develop your concept. A team of company chefs lend their food development expertise across a wide range of ingredient groups to help you create unique and inventive taste profiles. We work with you on systems to process, label and package your product to fit your needs. We guarantee a consistent, high-quality product with each order backed by our SQF Level III certification.

The experience of our people and our ability to provide timely custom food manufacturing and custom frozen food co-packing solutions ensures our customers’ success. We go to extraordinary lengths to produce food that is superior in quality, appearance, and consistency.

Ready to get started? Reach out in one of the following ways and we’ll get in touch to start developing the custom food solution you’re looking for.

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Next, we have a short questionnaire to ensure Culinaire Foods is a fit and we can deliver what you need. The qualification process examines price point expectations, volume, systems and procedures, and more. If those parameters are met, we get to work!


Custom Food Manufacturing Capabilities

Our facilities are equipped for just about any type of custom food manufacturing to fit your needs. See a sampling of our capabilities below. Chances are, whatever you’re looking for, we can make it happen.


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