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Holiday Side Dishes

Corn Pudding – All Natural

A combination of both sweet yellow corn and house made creamed corn baked to perfection

Weight: 32oz

Cranberry Apple Cider Relish – All Natural

Fresh whole cranberries combined with apple cider juice, sugar and familiar holiday seasonings to help your customers have a traditional meal without the hassle.

Weight: 32oz

Green Beans and Mushroom Sauce

Blanched fresh green beans with a creamy mushroom sauce come together for this simple, but widely popular holiday accompaniment.

Weight: 32oz

Green Chili and Cilantro Creamed Corn – All Natural

Roasted hatch green chiles, chopped cilantro, and bold hints of parmesan make our creamed corn a gourmet eating experience.

Weight: 32oz

Traditional Stuffing – All Natural

Toasted cubed bread, soaked in housemade chicken stock, herbs including a hint of sage and holiday seasonings to serve as the perfect side dish for your customers during the holidays.

Weight: 28oz

Turkey Gravy – All Natural

Our made from scratch rendition of the favorite holiday table item. Our rich and delicious traditional turkey gravy will save your customers time and grandma will never know the difference.

Weight: 32oz

Yam Stria – All Natural

Reminiscent of a sweet au gratin. Layers of fresh yams, cinnamon butter and seasonings to round this dish with dessert qualities. Topped with a toasted pecan nut streusel.

Weight: 30oz

Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes – All Natural

This supreme potato lends itself to the creamiest of quality mashed potato. The simplicity of the ingredients says it all.

Weight: 32oz

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