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Side Dishes

Your deli needs the best side dishes, and Culinaire has them! Our innovative, all-natural, gourmet deli side dishes make great companions to any entree but can also stand alone. Imagine your customers browsing your selection of deli side foods and seeing risotto, green chili corn, potato au gratin, and ratatouille (just to name a few!). They won’t be able to decide and might have to buy two or even three items from your deli so that they can savor each one.

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If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, contact us to discuss your idea. Backed by our SQF Level III Certification, our goal is to help you provide the best tasting and highest quality food your customers will crave. We can custom manufacture whatever dish you desire.

Cauliflower Cake – All Natural

Steamed Cauliflower with aged cheddar cheese, toasted breadcrumbs and selected seasonings. Sautéed and ready to go.

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Deli Side Dishes

Potato Latke – All Natural

Traditional shredded and flattened potato cake. Fried to enjoy any time of the year!

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Gourmet Side Dishes

Eggplant Rollatini – All Natural

Roasted eggplant with a Greek inspired filling of baby spinach with feta, parmesan and ricotta cheeses. Mediterranean seasonings added for the ultimate vegetarian side dish!

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Risotto and Fontina Cake – All Natural

Risotto with Fontina Cheese made to a traditional recipe, hand stirred for perfection.

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Honey Sage Roasted Carrots – All Natural

Sweet carrots are roasted with olive oil, sage and selected seasonings.

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Green Chili and Cilantro Steamed Corn – All Natural

Hatch roasted green chili with fresh cilantro and delectable creamed corn.

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Classic Potato au Gratin – All Natural

Yukon Gold potatoes layered with caramelized sweet onion and a Swiss cheese creamy sauce. Topped with toasted breadcrumbs.

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Cavatappi Mac & Cheese – All Natural

Corkscrew Cavatappi Pasta combined with Smoked Gouda and high melt silky cheeses for the ultimate experience in this staple food.

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Eggplant Parmesan – All Natural

Purple eggplant roasted and encrusted in toasted breadcrumbs. Layered with mozzarella and parmesan cheeses, as well as our house made marinara sauce.

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Twice Baked Potato – All Natural

Russet potato slow baked, scooped and pureed with sour cream, cheddar cheese, butter and selected seasonings. A perfect pairing to your steak dinner.

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Roasted Root Vegetables – All Natural

A delectable blend of roasted root vegetables lightly seasoned with herbs.

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Ratatouille – All Natural

This comforting vegetarian dish is slowly simmered and delicious!

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Carrot Souffle

Light and airy with a dessert flavor profile and comfort food spices, this side dish will pair with any protein you choose to put it alongside.

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Noodle Kugel – All Natural

A sweet and tasty side dish with rich butter, cream, ricotta, sugar and egg noodles.

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Potato Kugel – All Natural

Our potato kugel is a simple and beloved traditional Eastern European side dish.

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